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Ruang Iklan Percuma Tanpa Daftar seperti -

Ruang Iklan Percuma Tanpa Daftar seperti - - Ini nak bagitahu, ada website baru diwujudkan untuk orang iklan barang secara percuma, ala macam dan, tapi yang bestnya website ini tidak perlu daftar-daftar Post dan Publish, so senang banget.

ini websitenya

ok selamat beriklan.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Najib facing US graft probe over assets

NEW YORK • A United States federal grand jury is Examining allegations of corruption Involving Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and people close to him, selon two people with knowledge of the investigation.

The inquiry, being white run by a unit of the Justice Department That international investigates corruption, is Focused on properties in the US That Were Bought in recent years by shell companies That belong to Datuk Seri Najib's stepson, as well as --other real estate connected to a close family friend, Said the people knowledgeable about the case, Who Asked for anonymity Because They Were it not Authorised to the Chat.

Investigators are looking at aussi Nearly US $ 700 million (S $ 991 million) Deposited into Mr Najib's personal bank account.

Domestic pressure is Mr Najib Intensified on Monday as two separate short Dealt _him_ legal setbacks. And the head of the country's central bank, qui est Investigating Transactions Involving 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), Said It Had icts Findings Submitted to Malaysia's Attorney-General. "Right now, we know the public wants answers que la thesis to questions, And They deserve to get the answers," Said central bank chief Zeti Akhtar Aziz, selon The Malaysian Insider.

The Justice Department investigation is still early days in ict, and It Could take years to determine if federal laws Were Any broken. It was in response to ouvert Partly year examination by The New York Times (NYT) of condominiums at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan Whose ownership is hidden behind shell companies, selon the people with knowledge of the case.

In one article, NYT documented more than US $ 150 million in luxury residential properties connected to Mr Either Najib's stepson Riza Aziz gold to family friend Jho Low. Mr Low HAS aussi beens to-have-been found Involved in business deals with 1MDB, qui HAS run into serious financial problems.

Investigators in several countries are allegations Examining That Money from 1MDB is missing. This month, the Swiss autorit├ęs Said They HAD frozen several individuals' bank accounts, and inquiries are under way in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as in Malaysia.

Mr Najib's office About did not how the inquiry.

A representative for Mr Aziz Said He Was not Involved in Any probe, Adding That "There HAS never beens Inappropriate anything" about His business activities.

A Spokesman for Mr Low Said he HAD beens Enable notifications not That He Was the subject of Any investigations, and That His business "adhered to all relevant Regulatory Requirements".

A Spokesman for the Justice Department Declined to comment.

The details of the corruption allegations Involving Mr Najib and people connected to _him_ are complex and multifaceted. Each country in the autorit├ęs are focusing on the aspects That Fall In Their jurisdictions.

In the US, Officials Examining the properties are tied to Mr Aziz and Mr Low, qui Could Be Seized if a case can be made thesis That Were Bought with the Proceeds earned in corrupt practices, selon the people close to the probe.

The Nearly US $ 700 million being white Investigated falls under US jurisdiction As It Was routed through US bank Wells Fargo.

Mr Najib HAS denied the graft allegations and his office NYT Earlier this year Told That He Was not Involved in the US tied to His stepson properties and to Mr Low.

The allegations and unanswered issues-have muddied Mr Najib's global standing as he prepared to fly to London this week for a trade agreement, And Then there to New York for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. Since Taking Office in 2009, He Has Promoted His country as a moderate Muslim partner in the fight contre terrorism and a strategic Asian counterforce to China.

"Najib really, really gains international His image, and He Was going out de son way to curry favor with America and with the Europeans," Said Mr John Malott, a US ambassador to Malaysia in the 1990s. In the current climate, "he can travel, purpose is he going to be Shunned? Are people going to shake hands with _him_?"



Mat Rempit race ends in massive crash, caught on video (video)

And shocked members of the public on the video clip that showed illegal street racing comes to a halt after the huge accident that took place in the fast-paced world Shah (Kesas).
1:31 minutes in the video, seen a group of Matt Rempit race while spectators lined up along the highway.
It is understood that the accident occurred early today and was attended by a small number of motorcycles and Proton Exora heading from Shah Alam in Kuala Lumpur.
It is believed that the motorcycle driver colided with Exora from behind, which caused the rider to lose control before being hit by the occupants of the other motorcycles.
The head of the movement Selangor deputy supervisor Azmi Mansur accident occurred about 4:30 near the exit to the world Ambian, Shah Alam.

He said there were no casualties although there are some who have suffered from physical injuries.
"It has been reported deaths despite the spread on social media.
"The driver of the car in question has provided the police report in the traffic police station in Klang Selatan earlier this evening."
He added that the police in the process of the investigation, including those involved in the race track.
It is being investigated in the case, under Article 42 (1) of the Land Transport Act 1987.
And it refers to the section concerned reckless and dangerous driving.
It states that any person "who drives a car on a road recklessly or quickly or in a manner taking into account all the circumstances (including the nature, condition and size of the roads and the amount of traffic which is or power movement are expected to be on the road) is dangerous to be made available to the public committed an offense."
Upon conviction, it carries a sentence of up to five years and a fine of not less than RM5,000 and not more than RM15,000.
However, in the case of a second or subsequent conviction and imprisonment for a term can be extended for not more than 10 years, and the fine is increased to between RM10,000 and RM20,000.
At the same time, Kesas Sdn Bhd Zinedine Assistant Director Mohammed dinars (traffic safety) also said that the incident occurred at Km29.7 of the Kesas Highway at 5:17.
According to him, which included a car and a motorcycle accident, but there were no reports of casualties when their patrol team arrived at the scene.
When he rushed Kesas two patrol members to the scene, they also found the Proton Exora on the side of the road, and is believed to have been involved in an accident.
"Spectators were not at the scene, and there was the possibility that the victims were taken to hospital or treated in another place."


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kaspersky Internet Security Murah 2016 Malaysia

Kini kami mengeluarkan produk Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 yang Murah untuk warganegara Malaysia. Dengan kawalan optimum dan sangat bagus untuk melindungi komputer anda dari serangan virus mahupun diceroboh oleh penjenayah cyber. 

Harga Kaspersky Internet Security 2016


1. 1 YEAR 1 PC: RM 25
2. 1 YEAR 3 PC: RM 60

Jika berminat untuk membeli Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 boleh klik link dibawah ini berkenaan details tempahan dan pembayaran.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pemain Palestin Solat di Padang Ketika Latihan ( Malaysia VS Palestin )

Respek giler kepada pemain Palestin ini. Mampu melakukan solat di padang Bukit Jalil ketika latihan sebelum bertemu Malaysia bagi kelayakan Piala Asia yang akan berlangsung pada malam ini. Sukar rasanya unutk kita melihat pemain Malaysia melalakukan sedemikian rupa walaupun negara kita aman dan damai. So, jangan pelik jika mereka berjaya menewaskan kita. So renung-renungkan.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Live Streaming Selangor VS Sarawak Liga Super 2015 Tonton Online

Berikut adalah live streaming bagi perlawanan yang melibatkan pasukan Selangor dan Pasukan Sarawak.

>> Link 1 <<

Alternative link 

>> Link Alternative<<


Monday, February 23, 2015

Peluang Menjadi Guru Tawaran PISMP Jun 2015


Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) mempelawa lulusan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) yang berkelayakan, berpotensi, berminat dan beriltizam untuk mengikuti Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PISMP).
1.1 Nama Program :
  Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PISMP)
  1.1.1 Program ini dikhususkan untuk melatih bakal guru di Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) yang ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia dalam pelbagai bidang pengkhususan bagi keperluan di sekolah rendah.
  1.1.2 Pemohon dikehendaki mengikuti Program Persediaan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PPISMP) selama dua belas (12) bulan atau dua (2) semester di IPG berkenaan yang ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.
  1.1.3 Pemohon yang LULUS PPISMP akan diberikan Sijil Tamat PPISMP dan DITAWARKAN mengikuti pengajian PISMP selama empat (4) tahun atau lapan (8) semester di IPG yang ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.
  1.1.4 PPISMP dan PISMP dilaksanakan secara Mod Sepenuh Masa.

  2.1 Warganegara Malaysia.  
  2.2 Umur tidak melebihi 20 tahun pada 30 Jun 2015 iaitu lahir pada atau selepas 30 Jun 1995.  
  2.3 Sihat tubuh badan.  
  2.4 Aktif dalam kegiatan kokurikulum.  
  2.5 Lulus Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) dengan memperoleh gred cemerlangMakluman Gred cemerlang merangkumi gred A-, A dan A+ dalam mana-mana lima (5) mata pelajaran.  

  2.6 Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya gred kepujian dalam mata pelajaran yang berikut iaitu:

  i. Bahasa Melayu; dan
ii. Sejarah.
  2.7 Lulus Bahasa Inggeris.  
  2.8 Memenuhi syarat bidang pengkhususan (Rujuk syarat bidang pengkhususan dalam permohonan online). 

  3.1 Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK)  
3.1.1 Bahasa Melayu 3.1.11 Pendidikan Muzik
3.1.2 Bahasa Inggeris 3.1.12 Pendidikan Pemulihan
3.1.3 Bahasa Arab 3.1.13 Pendidikan Khas
3.1.4 Bahasa Tamil 3.1.14 Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak
3.1.5 Bahasa Cina 3.1.15 Sejarah
3.1.6 Bahasa Iban 3.1.16 Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi
3.1.7 Bahasa Kadazandusun 3.1.17 Matematik
3.1.8 Pendidikan Jasmani 3.1.18 Sains
3.1.9 Pendidikan Islam 3.1.19 Bimbingan dan Kaunseling
3.1.10 Pendidikan Seni Visual  

  3.2 Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC)  
3.2.1 Bahasa Melayu 
3.2.9 Pendidikan Khas
3.2.2 Bahasa Inggeris
3.2.10 Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak
3.2.3 Bahasa Cina
3.2.11 Sejarah
3.2.4 Pendidikan Jasmani
3.2.12 Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi
3.2.5 Pendidikan Islam 3.2.13 Matematik
3.2.6 Pendidikan Seni Visual 3.2.14 Sains
3.2.7 Pendidikan Muzik
3.2.15 Bimbingan dan Kaunseling
3.2.8 Pendidikan Pemulihan  

  3.3 Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT)  
3.3.1 Bahasa Melayu 3.3.9 Pendidikan Khas
3.3.2 Bahasa Inggeris 
3.3.10 Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak
3.3.3 Bahasa Tamil 3.3.11 Sejarah
3.3.4 Pendidikan Jasmani 3.3.12 Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi
3.3.5 Pendidikan Islam 3.3.13 Matematik
3.3.6 Pendidikan Seni Visual 3.3.14 Sains
3.3.7 Pendidikan Muzik 3.3.15 Bimbingan dan Kaunseling
3.3.8 Pendidikan Pemulihan  


  1. Pemohon yang sedang mengikuti Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan atau Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan di institusi-institusi pendidikan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.  

  2. Pemohon yang dikenakan tindakan tatatertib atau sedang dalam proses tindakan tatatertib semasa dalam perkhidmatan awam atau latihan yang dianjurkan oleh agensi kerajaan.  

  3. Pemohon yang pernah mengikuti program ikhtisas di Institut Pendidikan Guru, tetapi gagal dalam peperiksaan dan ditamatkan daripada program.  

  4. Pemohon yang pernah atau sedang disabitkan dengan kesalahan penyalahgunaan dadah, jenayah atau tindakan mahkamah.  


  1. Permohonan hanya boleh dibuat secara dalam talian (online) dengan melayari laman sesawang Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia di alamat : mulai 17 Februari 2015.  
  2. Permohonan akan ditapis berdasarkan syarat kelayakan dan kriteria yang telah ditetapkan oleh KPM. Pemohon yang terpilih mesti menduduki dan LULUS Ujian Kelayakan Calon Guru (UKCG) sebelum layak dipanggil temu duga  
  3. Pemohon dinasihatkan melayari laman sesawang : bagi mendapatkan maklumat iklan, Ujian Kelayakan Calon Guru (UKCG), temu duga, syarat bidang pengkhususan dan gred minimum serta kalendar aktiviti sebelum membuat permohonan.  
  4. Pemohon dibenarkan mengemukakan SATU (1) permohonan dan boleh mengemaskini pada bila-bila masa sahaja.  
  5. Permohonan hendaklah disahkan dan dihantar sebelum tarikh tutup permohonan. Permohonan yang berjaya dihantar akan menerima nombor rujukan sebagai pengesahan.  

  6. Maklumat yang tidak benar dan tidak lengkap boleh mengakibatkan permohonan ditolak.  
Pemohon yang didapati memberi maklumat salah/tidak benar/manipulasi maklumat dalam borang permohonan akan diambil tindakan dengan menarik balik surat tawaran dan dikenakan tindakan undang-undang. Maklumat ini akan disemak secara terperinci pada hari pendaftaran dan selama tempoh pengajian.

  Sila hubungi alamat berikut sekiranya ada sebarang pertanyaan berkaitan dengan permohonan :  
(u.p: Unit Pengambilan Pelajar, Sektor Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Hubungan Luar)
No. Telefon : 03-8312 6720/6758/6731/6733/6769/6723/6760


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