Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dalam Botol (2011) PPVRip Tonton Online

“Ruby’s real name was Rubidin. Ruby and Ghaus was a homosexual couple who is in love. Because of a simple wish made by Ghaus, Rubidin was willing to sacrifice everything to change his identity to Ruby. He undergone a sex change operation. However, Ruby misinterpreted Ghaus intention. Ghaus couldn’t accept Ruby’s current physical conditions as a women, as such, Ghaus decided to end their relationship. Unexpectedly, the male hormone in the body of Ruby was back to excel and he returned to Rubidin. Rubidin even fell in love with a nice beautiful girl in his kampung. They planned to get married. Is it worth for their marriage if the husband no longer has his libido package when it was concealed in a bottle?"

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